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Hello and welcome to the Ruby Boutique. My name is Samantha and I am a fully qualified and insured dog groomer and stylist. I work with your dog to allow them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and to reduce stress, which is ideal if your dog is nervous or anxious. All services are by appointment only and all grooms are carried out at a pace your dog is comfortable with. I pride myself on a very hygienic practice in my fully equipped salon. I can cater for all dogs, any breed and size.

Our Dog Grooming Salon in Whittlesey


Bath and Brush or De-shed

This service will include a warm bath/shower using a shampoo best suited to your dogs skin and coat type, followed by a conditioning treatment. A blow dry followed by a complete brush out or de-shed of the coat to leave it tangle free, glossy, and smelling beautiful. It will also include a nail trim and ear cleaning.


Full Groom

This service will include a warm bath/shower using a shampoo best suited to your dogs skin and coat type, followed by a conditioning treatment. A blow-dry and brush out, followed by a complete clip or cut and style to either breed standard, or the owners specification. It will also include a nail trim and ear cleaning. 


Additional services

Puppy Grooms (from 14 weeks to 4 months) from £25 – designed to gently introduce your puppy to being groomed – includes a conditioning bath, gentle blow dry, full body brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, and a little trim of the feet, face and bum if required.  Also includes lots of cuddles and reassurance.


Pedicure £10 – For dogs that suffer from sore or cracked paws or matted feet. This will include a tea tree foot soak, nail trim and file to the get the nails nice and short, removal of grass seeds and matts from the feet, followed by a massage of the pads using a moisturising oatmeal paw butter.


Face and bum trim from £10  – Trim of the bum and face and eye area of your dog to keep their backsides hygienic, and eyes clean and free of hair. For dogs that need a tidy up of the face between grooms.


Maintenance Groom – Bath, blow dry, and brush out followed by a trim of the face, feet and hygiene area – from £25 – dogs must have been groomed within 6 weeks.


Handstrip  from £45 small dogs, from £55 medium dogs. Large dogs quoted on request.


Blueberry exfoliating facial – £5

Especially good for white/light faced dogs and bully breeds and those with beards. This facial will cleanse and helps removes dirt, beard and tear stains.


Nail Trim – £8


Teeth Cleaning – £8


Please note – All services are by appointment only. If there is a service you require that is not listed, please get in contact and I will be happy to discuss.

  • Prices are a guide and are based on the assumption that your dog is regularly groomed at the recommended intervals, or that the coat is well maintained and in reasonable condition.
  • Prices can vary depending on coat condition, temperament, time taken etc.
  • This list includes popular breeds but is not exhaustive. If your dog breed is not on this list, please contact me and I will be happy to give you a price.


Airedale Terrier – £45
Akita – £50
Alaskan Malamute – £65
Basset hound – £35
Beagle – £35
Bearded Collie – £45
Bedlington Terrier – £35
Belgian Shepherd – £50
Bernese Mountain Dog – 65
Bichon Frise – £38
Border Collie (smooth coat) – £35
Boarder Collie (rough coat) – £40
Boxer – £37
Bull Terrier – 33
Bull Mastiff – £45
Cairne Terrier – £38
Cavalier King Charles – £35
Cavapoo – £35
Chihuahua (short haired) – £20
Chihuahua (long haired) – £25
Chinese crested – £33
Chow Chow – £60
Clumber Spaniel – £45

Cockerpoo (Small, toy poodle sized) – £ 35
Cockerpoo (Meduim, Cocker spaniel sized) – £40
Cockerpoo (Large, Springer spaniel sized) – £45
Cocker Spaniel – £37
Dachshund (short haired) – £25
Dachshund (Long Haired) – £30
Dalmation – £40
English setter – £45
French Bulldog – £30
German Shepherd (Short Haired) – £40
German Shepherd (Long Haired) – £50
Golden retriever – £45
Golden Doodle – £45
Great Dane – £45
Greyhound – £33
Havanese – £38
Jack Russel (Short Haired) – £25
Jack Russel (Long Haired) – £30
Labradoodle (Small) – £40
Labradoodle (Large) – £50
Labrador – £35
Lakeland Terrier – £38
Lhasa Apso – £38

Maltese – £35
Newfoundland – £80
Old English Sheepdog – £65
Papillon – £35
Pomeranian – £35
Poodle (Toy) – £35
Poodle (Miniature) – £40
Poodle (Standard) – £ 50
Pug – £30
Rotweiller – £38
Schnauzer (miniature) – £37
Schnauzer (standard) – £42
Schnauzer (Giant) – £50
Scottish Terrier – £38
Shih-Tzu – £37
Springer Spaniel – £40
Sprocker spaniel – £37
Staffy – £33
Vizsla – £40
Welsh Terrier – £40
West Highland Terrier – £38
Yorkshire Terrier – £33

Please Note: I do not De-Matt under any circumstances. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, professional groomers will not put any pet through pain or discomfort to achieve a hairstyle. If excessively matted, your dog will be shaved for their own comfort. There is an additional charge of between £10-£20 for this, as removing the matted coat is time costly and will cause blades to blunt more quickly.




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